Cronenberg Gang Donation New Designs News NFT First Donation

So far we sold 18 Cronenberg #20! This is awesome! Thank you to all the supporters! Here is the video of the first donation I did! Every cronenberg #20 #NFT purchased on will have a large percentage donated to the #hone #bee rescue foundation.

Cronenberg Gang New Designs News NFT

Cronenberg #20 is a donation NFT for

Cronenberg #20 is a Special Cronenberg NFT. Each Cronenberg #20 NFT is a 1 of 100. A percentage of each NFT sold is donated to the Simple Bee Honeybee Rescue. “Simple Bee Honeybee Rescue is a conservation that rescues wild swarms and domesticates them. Our mission is to raise awareness of honeybee colony collapse and to save as many bees as possible.” –

Sometimes Science is more Art than Science. Each Cronenberg is Unique and is part of a Series of Cronenberg NFT’s. Cronenberg NFT’s will be Super RARE NFT which consist of Mutated Creatures. They are a limited series & will be part of a larger Game Project Once they are all created. “Sometimes things break, during Scientific breakthroughs…”