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What is an asset?

A Ravencoin asset (also less commonly referred to as a token or NFT) is an on-chain way of creating, storing, and transfering custom end-user generated information. Assets come with a unique, user-chosen name which can allow for assets to be verified by name only and metadata (which we will look into later). Ravencoin users have created assets to make their own 'coin', sell digital art, real estate, gem stones, security tokens, wine futures, and even incorporated it as an in-video game currency.

Where can I trade assets?

Where can I trade assets? is a Custodial as well as a non-custodial marektplace. NFTRVN is known as the "Gold Standard" of NFT Asset Marketplaces for Ravencoin. is one of the OG Ravencoin Marketplaces offering great tools like Sales Stats, Auctions, Multi-NFT / Sub Asset Sales and more. Its greatest perk is repeat NFT sales Royalties for RVN NFT Artists. the There are also asset markets such as RVNFT and RVNBay.

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Privacy and Access

Privacy and Access

A common question about assets is who can see whats on an asset and is there any way to limit viewership of the asset to a recipient. The simple answer is that anyone is able to see the data associated with an asset, however there are protocols (see RIP-10, RIP-11, and RIP-14) that allow for the encryption of IPFS data such that only a recipient of an asset may view it.

All IPFS/CID submitted to our IPFS repository are manually checked for safety. After submission IPFS data approval may happen immediately or never. Please check back to see if your IPFS data has been approved. Submitting the same IPFS will result in a banned CID. Pinning of any or all of the IPFS CID data on this site is at your own risk. is not responsible for what YOU pin. This service is offered free and comes with no warranties or guarantees. Use our service at your own risk. Keep your information private and do not share any sensitive information.