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Niftymon Discord Autonomous Minting in the NFTRVN Discord

Have you seen the Niftymon Discord Autonomous Minting in the

@NFTRVN Discord yet? Mint directly through text commands. IPFS Pinning + Blockchain Minting Direct to chain! #ravencoin

Click here:


SirCrone – Digital Painting Timelapse “Abomonation” – Digital Painting Time Lapse

Most on twitter knows me as “The Cronenbergs” guy, however I also have experience as a Professional #DigitalPainter & #FantasyArtist.
Here is a short clip of an “AI” Art + Digital Painting / Image Manipulation Rendering

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Interview with the Digital Asset Revolution Podcast

Cronenberg Gang News NFT Video

Cronenberg Gang: Game of Crones NFT Game COMING SOON!

I have been doing a lot of programming and took the day to do something fun and to start getting the ball rolling. I figured I would make a funny coming soon ad. nothing really official, just something to show a bit of a behind the scenes on what we can expect with the “Cronenberg Gang:Game of Crones” Ravencoin NFT Game. We are so close! I am constantly working out any and all bugs and finalizing as much as I can without sacrificing any quality. LFG!

Ravencoin Eco Map

This is the Ravencoin Eco-System Icon Map. Demonstrating the collective efforts of the Ravencoin Blockchain Participants and their respective contributions.

This reflect the eco map as of January 2023 and is Version 1.06.

This page is a work in progress, links will be updated/added asap

Data & Analytics

CoinMarketCap RavenNodes blockbook.ravencoin.orgravencoin.asset-explorer.comLunarCrushTradingView Messari api.ravencoin.orgexplorer.mangofarmassets.comCoinGecko

Stable Coins

PexPer proposals OpenDao – USDO – Stably – USDS

IPFS Explorers


Tokenized Assets

Diamond – Vinsent Blockchain Realtor – Athlete Assets – Project 33 – Wetx – BrikBC – BAFE group llc – Fatal Frames – Indy Bows


RedBubble – RavenCoinAssets

Info, News & Chat – HypeMan – Discord – Ravencoin Foundation – WhatsUpRVN – C3 Media

Coins & Tokens

Squawker – MRP

Non-Custodial Exchanges

BC Bitcoin – Changelly – Guardarian – SimpleSwap – bitni – NowPayments – changeangel – evorese – qortal – swapzone – coinswitch – changenow – SWP -SwapSpace – Stealth EX

Custodial Exchanges

Mining Pools

2miners – Mining Pool Hub – – Ravenminer – f2pool – MolePool – – CryptoRush – PoolHub – CrypticWizardry – Skypool – RavenPoolNinja – WoolyPooly – BLOCKSMITH – BinancePool – BitFly

R&D, Dev Tools & Info


Security Token Offerings

Renewablox – – cryptosx


SOSonSIDE – Captain Destruction

Metaverse – RavenSociety Alterverse-Skycity -RVNverse(wip) – Meta-Z(wip)

NFT Exchanges

Ravenist – JustNFTS – MelloriMarkets – – RVNFT – The Asset Marketplace

Supporting Organizations

Ravencoin Foundation – Raven Angels

IPFS / Asset Management & Tools

Blockchain Gaming, Ecosystems & Faucets

The Humble Miner – SYNTH – AGG – NIFTY MON – RBHZ – Party Full of Fools – The Cronenberg Gang: Game of Crones (wip)