NFT Airdrops

This is my page dedicated to the FREE NFT Airdrops that I do every time I feel like it LOL If you are lucky to be around to have one sent to you congrats! Check back often to see new airdrops available. The most up to date information on new AIRDROP releases can be found on my twitter page: SIRCRONE ON TWITTER

Ravencoin Blockchain NFT Airdrops


CRONECOIN are an Asset Token on the Ravencoin Blockchain. It was a fun idea to make a coin on the RVN Blockchain. Hold on tight!

#CRONECOIN had a total minting supply of 20418



This is the power of community. When we work together we can change the world. The “Super Bee” is the visual symbol of the support we can give individually to achieve great things as a collective! This “Super Bee” is originally awarded to the supporters of the Honey Bee conservation effort. @SimpleBeeRescue

SIRCRONE/SUPERBEE had a total Minting supply of 100. 50 were Sent to start a new hive /“burned”


Sircrone - The Croneub NFT Airdrop
Sircrone – The Croneub NFT Airdrop

A #Croneub is a special little #creature that goes around spreading #love. A #lovebug if you will but everywhere it goes people will remember it by way of a #sore, rash or #growth. Encounters with a #Croneub will be remembered a lifetime. #Croneubs are #immortal and #rare #nft. He appears every year late January early February.

To receive a FREE Croneub NFT visit to claim your FREE Croneub! Registration is FREE & make sure to check every year mid-February!

Animated Croneub. Animation by artist @lampacenter


This is a 1/18 sketch Created and gifted to participants in a Google Meet Art Workshop on February 18, 2022.

Thank you, Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you had a minting supply of 18



“FEARLESS” This NFT Graffiti Artwork was created as a collaboration between Myself (@SIRCRONE) and Artist and Poet MIRAGE @MirageRVN. It represents to always be FEARLESS. The woman is an AI artwork contribution from @MIRAGERVN. I did some photo manipulation and digital Graffiti to enhance the artwork.

SIRCRONE/COLLAB/MIRAGE1 had a minting supply of 7

The Feaster BUnny

Sircrone Feaster Bunny - Easter Airdrop NFT RVN Ravencoin
Sircrone Feaster Bunny – Easter Airdrop NFT RVN Ravencoin

Every year I release a new Feaster Bunny. Sometimes he has something important to tell you, sometimes he is just hungry! The feaster bunny will come and eat all your Easter candy and will spare your soul if you have enough Chocolate.