Sircrone Cronenberg #36 Ravencoin NFT

This Ravencoin NFT Design marks the completion of the Cronenberg Gang NFT Collection, however it doesn’t mean the Gang is done!

What happens now?

First and foremost I still have to complete the Cronenberg Gang: Game of Crones Interactive online 8 bit game. The game will be minted onto the Ravencoin Blockchain utilizing IPFS as a file server solution.

and then

Secondly, Players can try to WIN, yes WIN! This NFT by playing the Cronenberg Gang Game. I will be listing it as promised on to finalize the collection on the same Marketplace.

and then

Once Interactive game is released it will not only open up a chance to WIN the Cronenberg #36, but also I have embedded surprise “Easter Egg” NFTs and hopefully i can launch the game around Easter as well =)

but that’s not all folks!

Immediately afterward I will begin Printing of the Cronenberg Gang: Game of Crones Tabletop Card game and start selling the card game and tokenizing each purchased game on the Ravencoin blockchain as well.


To keep the fun alive we will be having ongoing monthly competitions utilizing the Cronenberg Gang Online Leaderboard. Click here to visit the Online leaderboard and recent Game Play Submissions. We will hold Meetups and Giveaways every month!