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#AIRDROP INCOMING Today I am releasing the 2024 FEASTER BUNNY for #Easter This year for Christ Visibility Week CHRIST IS KING! Details to follow on how to get this #RARE once a year edition of the #FeasterBunny #NFT #RVN #SUBASSET #ChristIsKing #AIRDROP

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I love patterns, even though sometimes Patterns help me to see things differently. I love learning more about culture and how our ancient people expressed themselves and honored nature and our earth. I can feel the bond with the colors and the connection shared with the spirits. I feel connected when I get lost in my art, and I feel like something speaks to me in a language that I cannot really explain, but I know its voice, and I understand its words and so it guides and directs me. This was my Journey in shape and color and pattern.

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Random Doodles/Caricatures & ramblings

I feel like maybe I have neglected this site a bit. Life seems to have a way of distracting you. You get so focused on the daily repetitions that its hard find a way to disconnect for a little while. I always wanted this site to be like my “diary” of random thoughts and artwork I create. I started right, but then kinda lost it. In my defense we did just got past a pandemic and other fucking bullshit. This is my resolution to always try to post at least once a week and try to focus on my own artistic growth more too.

This past holiday we spent it with family and I actually had a minute to wind down and do some pencil sketches. which turn into some ink sketches which turned into some ink caricatures. I kind of fell in love with this one though. I love her expression. Kind of like a cute sassy “yea okay” side eye.

Caricature, doodle, art, sketches, ink
Caricature, doodle, art, sketches, ink

That’s kind of how I feel with everything these days. im just like “yea okay”

well here is to another year. Here is to another promise of hope. Another year sitting back everyday watching the world burn. When will the fires be put out?

I really hope soon…

Is this the new normal? are we now just doomed to be in this constant perpetual spiral of bad shit in, bad shit out. Hate this person, hate that person, fuck these people, vote for me or you aint this or that. Just STOP. we know its all bullshit. or do we? I am starting to think some people really are bots.

come on, look at that chic who was doing those robotic tik toks and she got famous… like bruhhhhhh. I think she is a fucking genius. she playing social media like a fiddle. or she is complete fucking idiot. I guess there is that fine line i havent found yet…


Happy Bodhi Day, Merry Christmas, Happy Feast Day of Our Lady Guadalupe, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hannukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and whatever other holiday and Happy New fucking year! because fuck you i’m NOT saying “HAPPY HOLIDAYS”. If you’re offended write your own angry anti whatever blog and call whoever a whatever.

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