Cronenberg Gang: The Game of Crones - 8 Bit Video Game Progress Update

Cronenberg Gang: The Game of Crones – 8 Bit Video Game Progress Update

About the 8-bit game

The Cronenberg Gang: Game of Crones is based on my popular Ravencoin NFT Collection; The Cronenberg Gang. While creating the Cronenberg Gang NFT Collection I came to the idea of turning the artwork into a printed Tabletop Card game. I wanted it to be a table top battle card game and each design from the NFT collection would be a character, think of like “Pokemon” but based on my weird monster NFT art. Getting to the final “Cronenberg” artwork I felt I wanted to make the collection as impactful as possible. I turned to my programming knowledge and started conceptualizing on developing a Retro style 8 bit game BEFORE releasing my printed card game.

The “Game of Crones” 8 bit game will sort of play a lot like the old vintage ZELDA games. I am focusing a lot on the design and artistry of the color palettes, and integrating a story into the designs as much as possible. You will be playing as a character that explores around the 8 bit world trying to figure out what is causing these wicked monsters to appear. Along the way you will meet interesting and dynamic characters who represent members of the online Ravencoin Community I have had the honor of meeting.

The game will be released FREE and minted into the RVN Ravencoin blockchain for anyone to play and own. The game is community funded by the participants in the game. The game was funded by members of the Ravencoin community using Ravencoin donations to support development. Development began early summer 2022. I hope to be completed before the end of December 2022.


Get in the game

There is still time to get in the game! I am still offering Interactive Characters on the map. Players will interact with these characters, and can upsell your project or just help to market yourself with a permanent spot in “Croneville”.

Character are only 500 RVN Ravencoin

Please contact me / email me: for more information on how to get in the game

Support My Art

Why create an 8 Bit game?

My dream as an artist and developer has always been to make a game based on my artwork. This and to also help spread the word of the Ravencoin Crypto Currency as a viable option for artists and developers alike to join in utilizing the many benefits and ease of use of this blockchain for their projects. I wanted to not only bring extra attention to my NFT Collection, but to also promote Ravencoin. Having an interactive game MINTED INTO the Ravencoin blockchain will really set it apart! I hope you check back soon and follow up on the development of my game. You never know, it might be available to play for FREE sooner than you think! =)

When will the Printed game be released?

The Printed game will be released after the 8 bit game is released. The final Cronenberg artwork hinges on the final release of the 8 bit Video game, so I am eagerly working on completing development of the game whilst ensuring I am not rushing any aspect of the game.

Thank you for your interest in my game development and I hope you can support me and my art by donating Ravencoin to my RVN wallet. Thanks!



Progress Updates:

10/24/22 – Present: Creating remaining Cronenberg Sprite Sheets. Prepared to paint as 8 bit and then animate. This is an integral part of the progress that is keeping the game from getting closer to completion. Once all the sprite sheets are animated and the nodes are programmed the game will be around 80% complete.

10/19/22: Animated Cronenberg #7 added a spawn area for the water areas.

10/17/22 – 10/18/22: Turned Cronenberg #5, #6 & #7 into 8 bit and added to game. Both still need animations. worked on map collisions and brainstormed more quests ideas for NPC.

10/15/22: Added Dialogues to NPC. Cleaned up artwork. Worked on and tested interactions with NPC. Finalized design ideas for map sections. Testing! Brainstorming Quest ideas. Added an in-game currency (unlinked from any real blockchain currency) for use in in-game quests.

10/14/22: Added Cronenberg NFT #4 into 8bit. Still have to animate its arms. I also tweaked some of the code to make the “Cronenbergs” “wander” better.