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NYC Graffiti Sticker Slaps

There is something about Graffiti sticker slaps that are so fun. SO easy to make, and you can get creative as what you use for your base sticker and where you can get your stickers for your graff. You can hand paint your graffiti using brushes and acrylic paint.. You can create your graffiti stickers using paint markers or permanent markers, or you can even get stickers printed.

They are so fast to slap up, and so easy if done right. They can be slapped up unnoticed. Once up, a Graffiti sticker can stand the test of time. I spot sticker that look like age will get to it before they get removed. Thats the beauty of the graffiti sticker game. They blend in so well with city landscapes that most people dont even see them as an eye sore because, well they become PART of the city!