Cronenberg Gang News NFT Video

Cronenberg Gang: Game of Crones NFT Game COMING SOON!

I have been doing a lot of programming and took the day to do something fun and to start getting the ball rolling. I figured I would make a funny coming soon ad. nothing really official, just something to show a bit of a behind the scenes on what we can expect with the “Cronenberg Gang:Game of Crones” Ravencoin NFT Game. We are so close! I am constantly working out any and all bugs and finalizing as much as I can without sacrificing any quality. LFG!

SIRCRONE Golden Tickets!

 The Sircrone Golden ticket holder is granted access to a one time Cronenberg Gang 8 bit game preview and a 5 minute one time Game Play test run online.  The presentation will be done 1 on 1 with Lead Ravencoin NFT designer @Sircrone.

  •  *terms & conditions* Golden ticket does not include any extra free access beyond first presentation. Golden ticket holders will have to go through a simple verification process to confirm Golden ticket ownership. No screenshots are allowed. No disclosure any game features or mechanics are to be made public No Posting any images or video of presentation.

Purchase RVN Golden Tickets HERE:

Lead Ravencoin NFT Designer for RVN Art. NFT ARTIST Ravencoin

Art Cronenberg Gang New Designs News NFT

Cronenberg #31 Sneak Peek

Sneak Peek for Cronenberg #31. Dropping Soon!

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Cronenberg Gang New Designs News NFT Video

Cronenberg #6 NFT Design

This is a sneak peek into the process of how I design and develop my NFT Artwork which i am selling on the NFT Marketplace. This is a series of designs I titled the “Cronenberg Gang” Collection. Checkout for more info To Purchase NFT from this collection visit:… #NFT #NFTS #NFTART #RVNCOIN #RVNNFT #NFTRAVEN #RAVENCOIN #RAVEN #CRYPTO #BLOCKCHAIN #NFTTOKEN #TOKEN #CRYPTOTOKEN NOT MY MUSIC! MUSIC BY: TIPPER